Use CircleCI from the command line
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This project is the seed for CircleCI's new command-line application.

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Getting Started

From Scratch

Install script

If you're installing the new circleci CLI for the first time, run the following command:

curl -fLSs | bash

By default, the circleci app will be installed to the /usr/local/bin directory. If you do not have write permissions to /usr/local/bin, you may need to run the above command with sudo. Alternatively, you can install to an alternate location by defining the DESTDIR environment variable when invoking bash:

curl -fLSs | DESTDIR=/opt/bin bash


brew install circleci


sudo snap install circleci

Upgrade from existing CLI

If you installed the old CLI before, and you're on version less than 0.1.6, you need to run the following commands:

circleci update
circleci switch

This command may require sudo if your user doesn't have write permissions to the install directory, /usr/local/bin. Otherwise, you may see the following error:

mv: cannot move 'circleci' to '/usr/local/bin/circleci': Permission denied

Updating after install

The CLI comes with a built in version managment system. You can check if there any updates pending and update if so using the following commands:

circleci update check
circleci update install

Configure the CLI

After installing the latest version of our CLI, you must run setup to configure the tool.

$ circleci setup

You should be prompted to enter the CircleCI API Token you generated from the Personal API Token tab

✔ CircleCI API Token: 

API token has been set.

✔ CircleCI Host:

CircleCI host has been set.

Setup complete. Your configuration has been saved.

If you are using this tool on accept the provided default CircleCI Host.

Server users will have to change the default value to your custom address (i.e.

Note: Server does not yet support config processing and orbs, you will only be able to use circleci local execute (previously circleci build) for now.

Validate A Build Config

To ensure that the tool is installed, you can use it to validate a build config file.

$ circleci config validate

Config file at .circleci/config.yml is valid


The CLI may also be used without installation by using Docker.

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/data circleci/circleci-cli:alpine config validate /data/.circleci/config.yml --token $TOKEN


Development instructions for the CircleCI CLI can be found in


Please see the documentation or circleci help for more.