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Deprecated, use Cumulo Editor instead!.

Stack Editor

A structured editor of Clojure(Script).


Server part:

npm install -g stack-editor

Create ir.edn:

{:package "demo"
 :files {}}

Run editor:

stack-editor ir.edn

Command Line Workspace Dependency tree Finder


For the UI part of the editor, it's based on the address:

  • port, defaults to 7010, server port
  • host, defaults to "localhost", server domain

For the server part, is an npm command line:

op=watch port=7010 extension=.cljs out=src/ stack-editor ir.edn
  • port, defaults to 7010, server port corresponding to the UI part
  • extension, defaults to ".cljs", file extension of the generated files
  • out, defaults src/ output folder
  • op, defaults to watch, or you may use compile to force compiling


Project template

Read developer guide for more.