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Merge pull request #21 from shwetaap/master

Bug #1163982 Cobbler would now send https requests to the UCSM by default instead of http
latest commit 71d71fec40
@rickerc rickerc authored

Cobbler installer via puppet

Install cobbler along with the isc.dhcp server (but not DNS).

To use, copy into your /etc/puppet/modules directory, and add something like the following to your /etc/pupppet/manifests/site.pp:

node /cobbler\.example\.com/ {
    # Install and configure Cobbler
    class { cobbler:
        node_subnet => "",
        node_netmask => "",
        node_gateway => "",
        node_dns => "",
        domain_name => "",
        proxy => "",
        password_crypted => 'MD5CryptedPasswordHash',

    # Import Ubuntu Precise image
    cobbler::ubuntu { precise: }
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