LLAP Serial Arduino Library
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This Arduino library is under development, however feel free to try it out.

It is designed to assist the user in implementing a LLAP device using the Arduino development environment.

For more infomation see http://openmicros.org/index.php/articles/85-llap-lightweight-local-automation-protocol/266-arduino-llap-library-for-user-devices


  • On https://github.com/CisecoPlc/LLAPSerial at the bottom right you will find a button called "dowload zip"
  • Extracting this zip will give you a folder called LLAPSerial-master
  • Rename this to LLAPSerial
  • Move this to your libraries folder inside your arduino sketchbook. On windows this would be something like C:\Users\miles\Documents\Arduino\libraries\LLAPSerial
  • Restart the IDE
  • Examples can then be found under File->Examples->LLAPSerial

Please ask any questions on our forums at http://openmicros.org/