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Citizens Foundation

The Citizens Foundation is a global nonprofit offering creative and secure open source digital democracy solutions used in over 20 countries

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  1. Your Priorities is a citizen engagement platform, a progressive web app, and a participatory social network that empowers groups of any size to speak with one voice and organize around ideas.

    HTML 74 34

  2. Secure electronic voting app used for online participatory budgeting projects giving citizens direct influence over parts of governments budget, educates citizens on the cost of things and budgetar…

    JavaScript 20 7

  3. Active Citizen is an open source library, API and UI using various AI technologies aimed at empowering citizens democratically.

    JavaScript 24 9

  4. Active Citizen AI Dashboard to explore how deep learning social media listening can foster young people’s empowerment and active participation in democratic life.

    HTML 4 2

  5. Open Active Policy is a deep policy-making gamification platform

    Ruby 1

  6. Active Citizen Similarity - automatically classify similar narratives, posts, points and articles



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