Active Citizen is an open source library, API and UI using various AI technologies aimed at empowering citizens democratically.
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Active Citizen Logo

Active Citizen 1.2


This is the first public developer release of Active Citizen. It is an open source library, API and UI for activity streams and notifications using machine learning to recommend content to users.

Technology Stack

Active Citizen is by most parts a Javascript library using Nodejs, Async, Express, Passport, Sequelize, Polymer (Web Components), Kue, Redis, Tensorflow and PredictionIO

Current features

  • Activity stream engine based on the W3C Activity Stream standards specification
  • Notification engine with support for grouped notifications (fe. for "likes") and delayed notification (for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly emails)
  • PredictionIO integration for recommending ideas to users
  • Basic Tensorflow AI integration for classifying post categories

Integration with Your Priorities

The next version of Your Priorities, our citizen participation app, features integration with Active Citizen and is currently the primary real life example of Active Citizen use. It is also open source and available here now

Work for next release

end of May 2017

  • Integrate PredictionIO for recommending groups to users
  • Integrate Tensorflow for classifying categories and point sentiment
  • Add more notification types

Seed funding from EU's CHEST

Active Citizen is seed funded by EU's FP7 through the CHEST, collective enhanced environment for social tasks.


Join us!

This is an open source project and we invite you to participate, if you are interested :)

More information

Active Citizen User Centric Notifications Design
Active Citizen Development Vision website