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Code running on the base (Raspberry Pi) of the CitizenWatt project.
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Package needed

  • sqlalchemy
  • cherrypy
  • numpy
  • pycrypto
  • psycopg2 for communication with the PostgreSQL database


  • /api/sensors
    • Returns all the available sensors with their types
  • /api/sensors/id:int
    • Returns the infos for the specified sensor.
  • /api/types
    • Returns all the available measure types
  • /api/time
    • Returns the current timestamp of the server side.
  • /api/energy_providers
    • Returns all available energy providers
  • /api/energy_providers/<current|>
    • Returns the targeted energy provider
  • /api/sensor:int/get/watts/by_id/nb:int
    • Get measure with id nb
    • Get measure nth to last measure if nb < 0 (behaviour of Python lists)
  • /api/sensor:int/get/[watts|kwatthours|euros]/by_id/nb1:int/nb2:int
    • Get all the measures with id between nb1 and nb2 (nb1 < nb2)
    • Get all the measures between nb1 and nb2 starting from the end if nb1, nb2 < 0 (behaviour of Python lists)
    • Get the energy / cost associated with these measures if kwatthours or euros is specified
  • /api/sensor:int/get/watts/by_time/time:int
    • Idem as above, but with timestamps
  • /api/provider:re:current|\d/watt_to_euros/tarif:re:night|day/consumption:int
    • Returns the price associated to the consumption (in kWh) for the specified provider
  • /api/sensor:int/get/[watts|kwatthours|euros]/by_time/time1:int/time2:int/timestep:int
    • Idem as above, but with timestamps
    • idem avec id
  • idem with ids

step > 0

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