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This project is for you if you're looking to use Python to

  • Deploy smart contracts
  • Transfer NEP-11 and NEP-17 tokens
  • Vote for your favourite consensus node
  • Interact with on-chain smart contracts
  • Manage wallets
  • Build and sign specialized transactions
  • and more..

This SDK provides building blocks for Python developers to interact with the NEO blockchain without requiring to run a full node. In order to interact with the chain and obtain information it relies heavily on RPC nodes. You can find a list of public RPC nodes here.

Please report any issues on Github or submit ideas how to improve the SDK.

Also check out our Python smart contract compiler Boa !

Installation and usage

Installation instructions, how to interact with smart contrats as well as API reference documentation can be found at

Developing or contributing

Install the requirements, modify the code and PR :-)

pip install -e .[dev]

For larger changes consider opening an issue first to discuss the change. Below are a few guidelines for contributing

  • The project uses Black for code formatting. PRs will fail if formatted incorrectly. You might want to integrate black into your editor or run it manually with make black.
  • All public functions/classes must have docstrings.
  • All your code must be typed. Test your typing with make type. In rare cases it might be hard/impractical to add typing. Point it out if that is the case and add a short description why we could do without.
  • Add tests that cover the newly added (or changed if applicable) code. Use make test and make coverage.