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The People's Crest is designed by M.Willis. This project is developed and maintained by Clean Sheet Co..

The People's Crest is yours.

The People's Crest is an original design intended to capture the passion of being an American soccer fan. The crest was created by M.Willis, and is maintained by Clean Sheet Co.

We have made the entire design, including digital components, vector art, and source files freely available to the U.S. soccer community (and/or anybody who wants it). Download it, adopt it, remix it, fork it. Make it yours. The idea, hopefully, is to create a fan talisman that is fully owned and loved by the American soccer fan.

Some details:

  • This project is made available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.
  • The work here is made freely available for non-commercial, supporter-centric use. That means you can't sell stuff with this design without talking to us ( first. A commercial license to the mark is retained by Clean Sheet Co.
  • If you make something with it and publish it, we'd love a shout out or a link back to
  • It would also be cool if you share alike, meaning you make your modifications freely available for others to use. That's how a project like this grows!
  • Finally, we're big believers in inclusion, compassion, and peace. This work is not welcome to be used for anything that promotes intolerance, hatred or violence.

Read the license README-a-basic-license.txt, in the license folder, for a deeper dive.

Getting Started

If you're a GitHub user,

What's Included

  •, a copy of the file you're reading right now.

Inside the for printing & social media folder,

  • the-peoples-crest-1000x1000-avatar.png, a square image suitable for social media avatars
  • the-peoples-crest-1800x1500-social-bg, a wide format image suitable for social media account backgrounds
  • the-peoples-crest-1920x1080-desktop-wallpaper.png, a wide format image suitable for desktop wallpaper
  • the-peoples-crest-2208x1242-phone-wallpaper.jpg, a vertically-oriented muted-color image suitable for mobile phone wallpaper
  • the-peoples-crest-blank.pdf, an Adobe PDF file, sized at 8.5" x 11" containing a black line drawing of the crest. The center circle and banner are blank to facilitate customization. This is useful for simple printing, photocopying, modifying and hand-finishing - coloring, lettering, etc.
  •, an Adobe Illustrator vector file, sized at 20" x 17", featuring a blank banner and a knocked-out "United States" slogan. This file is suitable for printing and using as a template for a t-shirt stencil. Note: the stencil is intended to be divided, so that the crest is stenciled first, and then the lettering is positioned inside the banner area and stenciled on top in a second color. For best results, lettering section of the stencil may be separated out from the main crest stencil and overlaid after the crest is colored, so no repositioning is necessary.

Inside the for editing folder,

  •, an Adobe Illustrator vector source file
  • the-peoples-crest.psd, a layered Adobe Photoshop component file
  • the-peoples-crest.eps, a layered PostScript component file suitable for many vector editing applications

Inside the font files folder,

  • RG2014D.ttf, a TrueType font file containing Roadgeek 2014 Series D, an open typeface by Sammi De Guzman, used on the banner
  •, a .zip archive which, when unzipped, contains everything you need to host and publish the Roadgeek 2014D font on the web, as generated by FontSquirrel. This is useful for making websites with the look and feel of the mark.
  • README-about-the-font.txt, a text file explaining more about the TTF font file, the typeface it contains, its origin and how it is to be used

Inside the license folder,

  • README-a-basic-license.txt, a text file containing the exact licensing terms under which this design is made available
  • cc-by-nc-sa-embed.html, a text file containing a snippet of html which you can embed on your website should you decide to publish your work
  • cc-by-nc-sa.svg, an SVG graphic that can be displayed or posted anywhere you publish derivatives of the project

Noted Editing Software

  • for layered .psd files: Adobe Photoshop (all platforms) is the standard application. Pixelmator (for Mac) is a good alternative. GIMP (all platforms) is a free alternative.
  • for vector .ai files: Adobe Illustrator (all platforms) is the standard application. Sketch (for Mac) is a good alternative. Inkscape (all platforms) is a free alternative.

Bugs and Issues

Have a bug or an issue with this project? Open a new issue here on GitHub.

Created By

This project was designed and created by M.Willis and is maintained by Clean Sheet Co.