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Roadgeek 2014

Roadgeek 2014 is a set of fonts that replicates typefaces used on highway signs in various countries.

This project is an update of Michael Adams' Roadgeek 2005 fonts, which had a few outstanding issues as discussed here: What's wrong with the Roadgeek fonts. Roadgeek 2005 includes the US, UK and German sign typefaces; with Roadgeek 2014 I plan to expand that set.


If you just want to use the fonts, you can download a release from this repo, extract the fonts from the archive and install them by your system's preferred installation method.

If you want to edit or contribute to the fonts, you can download the source code from this repository. The source is in FontForge's Spline Font Directory (.sfdir) format, which needs to be compiled to a font file. A Makefile is provided for your convenience.


Roadgeek 2014 includes the following typefaces:

  • FHWA Series (aka Highway Gothic) - used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Taiwan. Available in 7 series: B, C, D, E, EM (E modified), EEM (Enhanced E modified), F. EM is E but with looser spacing and thicker strokes to accommodate reflective buttons; because the buttons are no longer widely used EEM undoes the thicker strokes but keeps the looser spacing.

It will soon include:

  • Clearview - used in some parts of the United States and Indonesia, designed as a replacement of the FHWA Series typefaces. Available in 13 series: 1B through 6B for negative contrast (dark on light) signs, 1W through 6W and 5WR for positive contrast (light on dark) signs. 5WR is just 5W with tighter spacing.
  • DIN 1451 - German sign typeface. Available in 2 series: Engschrift and Mittelschrift
  • Transport - UK sign typeface. Available in 2 weights: Medium for positive contrast signs and Heavy for negative contrast signs
  • Motorway - UK sign typeface, but only for route numbers on motorway signs. Available in 2 weights: Permanent for positive contrast signs and Temporary for negative contrast signs.
  • Clarendon - used by the US National Park Service
  • Rawlinson - a replacement for Clarendon


A set of fonts replicating various road sign typefaces.




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