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Live clock for Swatch Internet Time. The Time of the Future!
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Live clock for Swatch Internet Time. The Time of the Future!

Swatch Internet Time is a decimal time system created in 1998 by the Swatch corporation. While adoption of Swatch Internet Time was a complete failure it is in fact the perfect method of keeping time. An Earth day is divided into 1000 parts, known as “beats”. Swatch is zero based, has no time zones and doesn’t observe the bullshit that is daylights saving.

Swatch time is perfectly designed for the global community as it is the same across the globe. Need to arrange a meeting with a colleague on the other side of the planet? Book it in Swatch time and no one will ever be confused about when it is.

For logical reasons the start of the day in Swatch Internet Time is midnight in Biel, Switzerland (UTC+1).

Swatch Internet Time is the time of the future. Join the revolution!

Website created by Joshua Marketis

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