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Clinical Genomics orderportal

In order to use the orderportal you need to be a registered user.

Please create a support ticket at Support System if you are not already registered. Write the email you would like to use when placing the order in the ticket. Your email also needs to be connected to a google account. That is done here, press "Use my current email adress instead" and follow the instructions.

The naming of the order has no restrictions, but if you start the order name with #<TICKET_NUMBER> (e.g. #123456) this will indicate that you do not want to open a new ticket in Support Systems.

Placing an order for NEW samples

  • Sequencing and Analysis

Sequencing and analysis of human samples only.

Sequencing and Scout delivery

  • Externally sequenced samples for Scout delivery

If you want to order analysis of data sequenced outside of Clinical Genomics. The fastq files need to be provided before analysis can take place.

Externally sequenced samples

  • Sequencing and fastq delivery

Only library preparation and sequencing will be done, NO analysis.

Sequencing and fastq delivery

  • Ready-made libraries (RML)

No library preparation will be done, ONLY sequencing.

Ready-made libraries

  • Microbial samples

Microbial samples

  • Metagenomic samples


Placing an order for RE-RUNS of own samples (in case of changes)

If a case (from your own institute) should be re-analysed with any type of changes, the re-run should be ordered through the orderportal. The samples(s) should be found in the orderportal as "already existing samples". If the samples is not found as already existing samples, the order will be added as a new physical sample(s) which will be expected to be sent to us.

Re-run requests with a new gene panel can also be done by orderportal. The existing case (from your own institute) can be found in orderportal and the gene panel can be changed.

Placing an order for RE-RUNS of samples from other institutes

If a case from another institute should be re-analyzed, the re-run should be requested through scout or by opening a new ticket in support system in most cases. The request should not be done through orderportal.

RE-RUNS of samples from other institutes in the same customer group

If your institute is part of a collaboration with one or more other institutes you ask Clinical Genomics to be a part of a customer group. If you belong to the same customer group it is possible to find and select families and samples from the other institutes in the orderportal. You can combine your own and others samples in the same family as you wish, or you can create a new family with other institute samples. To be able to select the samples you need to know the sample or family name used in the original order. Type that in the family name or sample name boxes to be able to select the family/sample. Please note that you can only select externally sequenced samples if you select the order type "Scout analysis of external samples".

  • New family (family-id) that holds existing samples

New family

  • Existing family, new gene list

New genelist

  • Existing family, changed family structure

Changed family structure

Using an order form