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clojure2d Build Status Clojars Project

Clojure2D is a library supporting generative coding or glitching. It's based on Java2D directly. It's Clojure only, no ClojureScript version.

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Documentation with examples


Library contains plenty named colors, palettes and gradients.

There are various sources: colourlovers,, paletteer, inigo quilez, cpt-city



This project is the answer to personal needs to optimize my own workflow for generative or glitch creations. I've been producing a lot of Processing code and started to suffer from limitations of working in 'write sketch and run' mode. Too much copy&paste between sketches, zillions of folders, zillions of processed images. And one day I fell in love with FP. This code is the answer.

Is it replacement for...

... quil,, clisk, possibly other?

No, rather no. The closest is quil, which is really great library (both Clojure and Clojurescript, great documentation and webpage, functional mode, 3d support etc.). Clojure2d emphasises math, color and pixels operations and adds a lot of ready to use effects/filters (see extra namespaces`).

What's special in this library then?

In points:

  • Almost decoupled display and canvas (decoupled drawing and refreshing) - you can have as many windows as you want, you can have as many canvases as you want. Display repaints selected canvas automaticaly in separate thread. This way you can operate on canvas in your pace.
  • Processing way is still possible (you can attach draw() function to your Display). However main benefit here: draw function keeps state between invocations, this way you can avoid global state (atoms etc.) and write more functional way. The same is for events, each Window has assigned state which is passed through event calls.
  • Easy live coding possible (Emacs/Cider/REPL)
  • FastMath as main math library
  • Main focus on higher level generative/glitch concepts (like sonification support, vector field functions, colorspace operations, things like slitscan etc. See my Processing sketches, link below)

What's odd?

It's kind of personal library which supports my (probably not optimal, not convenient for others) way of creating stuff. There are still plenty of bugs and not idiomatic code. It may be slower than Processing. Eats a lot of memory (Pixels code is generally immutable). Still not stable API and architecture.


Add following line as a dependency to your project.clj

Latest snapshot

[clojure2d "1.4.0-SNAPSHOT"]


Since still no tutorials are available, see documentation. All namespaces are described below:

clojure2d.core docs

This is main namespace with functions in three groups:

  • image file oparations (load/save); jpg, png and bmp
  • canvas operations (wrapper for Java2D BufferedImage and Graphics2D)
  • window and event operations (JFrame wrapper)
  • session handling (logger + unique, sequential filename generator)

clojure2d.pixels docs

Pixels type as a representation of channel values of the image plus operations on pixels. Defines also:

  • pixel filters (blur, erode, dilate, median, threshold, posterize, tint)
  • composing Pixels
  • higher order functions which operate on Pixels parallelly (filter-channels, blend-channels)
  • log density renderer

clojure2d.color docs

  • color space converters
  • huge collection of palettes and gradients

clojure2d.color.blend docs

  • collection of blending basic functions (like add, subtract, divide, difference, etc.)


This is namespace for common generative/glitch specific libraries:

  • signal - signal processing, wave generators, effects and filters (for sonification process) docs
  • overlays - postprocessing filters (like rgb/crt scanlines, etc.) docs
  • segmentation - image segmentation docs
  • glitch - glitching filters docs
  • utils - visualize objects: palette, gradient, image, vector/scalar field... docs
  • raymarching - simple ray marching 3d scene renderer (abandoned)


All math functions are in fastmath repository.


200+ examples are in separate repository




How to help

Yes! You can help with this project:

  • Beginners:
    • create more variations
    • create pixel filters
    • create analog (audio) filters
  • Advanced:
    • speed optimizations
    • idiomatic clojure fixes

Discuss about it with me on Slack. Or just Pull Request.

Projects / links


Copyright © 2016-2018 GenerateMe Distributed under the MIT Licence


Java2D wrapper + creative coding supporting functions (based on Processing and openFrameworks)




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