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Fast primitive based math library
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Fast and primitive based math library.

Originally it was a part of generative art/glich Clojure2d library.


[generateme/fastmath "1.2.0"]

Development version

[generateme/fastmath "1.4.0-SNAPSHOT"]





Code adopted from Zach Tellmans' library.

[* + - / > < >= <= == rem quot mod bit-or bit-and bit-xor bit-not bit-shift-left bit-shift-right unsigned-bit-shift-right inc dec zero? neg? pos? min max even? odd? bool-and bool-or bool-xor bool-not << >> >>> not==]

Math functions

  • Trigonometric functions
  • Power: log, ln, logb, exp, pow, sqrt
  • Rounding functions: round, floor, ceil, trunc, frac, approx + other
  • Normalizations: norm wrap, constrain
  • Interpolations: lerp, cos-interpolation, smooth-interpolation, quad-interpolation, smoothstep
  • Special functions: erf, beta, gamma + other
  • Distance: dist, hypot
  • Sign: sgn, signum, abs
  • Other: gcd

Most of them backed by Jafama FastMath 2.3.1 or Apache Commons Math 3.6.1

Vector operations protocol and implementations

  • 2d (Vec2), 3d (Vec3) and 4d (Vec4) vector types.
  • ArrayVector for fixed length long vectors (fixed sized double-array)
  • Clojure vector

With following groups of functions:

  • Basic linear operations: add, mult, div, sub, dot, cross, hadamard product
  • mag, magsq, heading, angle-between, limit, normalize
  • rotations (2d,3d)
  • translations (2d, 3d)
  • various distances
  • centroid, interpolations
  • and other

Complex number functions

  • primitive operations: mult, div, add, sub
  • abs, arg, conjugate, reciprocal, neg
  • atan, asin, acos, csc, sec, tanh, tan, sinh, sin, cosh, cos
  • log, exp, pow
  • sqrt, sq, sqrt1z

Random numbers

  • Collection of random number generators
  • Collection of distributions (count: 28)
  • Random generator functions for each primitive type (drand - double, lrand - long, frand - float, irand - int)
  • Additional RNG functions: brand - true/false, grand - gaussian distributed double
  • Random sequences: from distribution, halton, sobol, R2, sphere, uniform


  • 4 noise types: value, gradient, simplex, discrete
  • 3 noise blends: fbm, ridgedmulti, billow
  • Ready to use fbm functions: noise (perlin), vnoise (value noise), simplex


  • Descriptive statistics: size, min, max, mode, mean, median, percentiles, kurtosis, skewness, IQR, LAV, UAV and other
  • Correlations


1d, 2d interpolations


Several easing functions (in, out, in-out)


  • Wavelets: 1d, 2d (haar, biorthogonal, symlet, coiflet, daubechies, legendre)
  • 1d Fast Sine, Cosine and Hadamard

Vector fields

Great collection (100+) of R^2->R^2 functions.


SMILE bindings for clustering

Classifcations (dev version)

SMILE, LIBLINEAR and XGBoost classification bindings


To enable XGBoost under Windows please add following lines to your lein profile:

:exclusions [[org.slf4j/slf4j-simple] [ml.dmlc/xgboost4j] [asm]]
:resource-paths ["resources/" "lib/xgboost4j-0.81-criteo-20180821_2.11-win64.jar"]


Hexagonal, squared, triangular, rhomboidal grid functions


Plenty of constant values

Almost all functions optimized to work on double and long primitives

Supporting libraries


Since this library is only JVM version, you can check following Clojure/ClojureScript libraries as replacement

  • PrimitiveMath - for primitive operators
  • Kixi stats - for pure clj(s) statistics/distributions (tends to be 2-10x slower)
  • - for vectors, general math, noise, complex numbers, transforms (fourier)
  • vectorz-clj - fast vector operations
  • Incanter - statistics/distributions/probability


Java classes are compiled for java 1.8


  • Change images to plots with axes
  • More tests
  • Move vector fields

How To Help

If you see place of improvement, I'm accepting PRs.


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