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@VortixDev VortixDev released this Jul 19, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release



  • Updated CloudAuthX
  • Added German language support
  • Various language string updates
  • Various localisation fixes
  • Changed more systems to use localisation
  • Fixed PostCommandUsed not being called
  • Added an example schema
  • Added blueprint.CanCraft
  • Added value restoration for the PLUGIN global
  • Added schema version rounding
  • Added automatic gender selection for single gendered factions
  • Reworked the voice command system
  • Added the ShouldDeleteCharacter hook, to separate character deletion from character table adjustment
  • Fixed crafting
  • Fixed static entities being physgunnable physable by anyone after a restart
  • Fixed decaying entities not rendering alpha changes
  • Fixed clientside decaying entities not rendering alpha changes
  • Changed player.CommunityID to alias player.SteamID64
  • Updated directory formatting
  • Fixed ammo loss
  • Fixed legs not drawing
  • Fixed player.GiveItems
  • Fixed Clockwork.crafting.CheckTakeItems taking the same unique items multiple times
  • Fixed an issue of whitelist losses
  • Fixed Clockwork.kernel.IsShuttingDown
  • Fixed CLASS_TABLE.__tostring
  • Fixed rank demotion
  • Fixed file reading issue relating to UTF8
  • Fixed Clockwork.kernel.ValidateTableKeys
  • Fixed the networking of player names upon name setting
  • Updated the reference to the content pack
  • Corrected stored chat text width, meaning text separation between timestamps and text will scale according to the chat size multiplier
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Sep 19, 2017
Updated version
Aug 12, 2017
Translated a bunch more stuff (a lot more to do!)
Jun 26, 2017
Fixed issues with blueprints and crafting.
Updated the Crafting derma to be consistent with others.
Updated blueprint markup tooltips.
Added attribute color configs.
Fixed a file.Exists issue with the faction material.
Added new bar info padding.

@kurozael kurozael released this Oct 13, 2016 · 362 commits to master since this release



  • Fixed items being removed too soon on creation.
  • Fixed TOOL binds not working (such as camera key, etc.)
  • Removed deploy animation from the hands weapon.
  • Fixed odd credits in the keys weapon.
  • Moved experimental Backsword and themetest plugins to development/ folder.
  • Made ironsights library name more consistent with others.
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@Skiastra Skiastra released this Apr 5, 2016 · 452 commits to 8576cb981e2cb6b95cd2cc38152b2e1e70eab861 since this release



  • Fixed doors not displaying 3D2D info properly.
  • Removed theme library debug prints when switching a theme.
  • Made the GetDoorEntities function serverside only.
  • Gave the PreDrawWeaponList hook the ability to stop drawing the weapon list if it returns true.
  • Fixed items removing on think (I.E. removing instantly when dropped).
  • Fixed IsMapEntity using entIndex, changed to using the entity itself to check for.
  • Fixed fists not playing the knocking noise when the secondary fire is used on a door.
    • Contributed by NightAngel.
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