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Execute custom command at notify events.

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cow-notify, fork from dwmstatus

Notification daemon that runs on background and executes configured command (If there isn't any executes xsetroot -name)

parses following tags:
[summary] - Replace with summary
[body]    - Replace with body
[expire]  - Replace with expiritation time (milliseconds)

By default there is no config file, if you want to execute custom command, then create this file :
$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/cow-notify/config and type command eg. "xcowsay --image myimage.png '[summary]' '[body]'"

I suggest making the config file read only for everyone expect you, so other users can't go and change it to something more dangerous.

!IMPORTANT! Execution

   if(!(sh = getenv("SHELL"))) sh = "/bin/sh";
   execlp(sh, sh, "-c", parsed, (char*)NULL);

Since it exectues shell, all shell rules also apply.
So make sure your [body] and [summary] are enclosed with single quotes, otherwise notify events can execute commands.

cow-notify escapes all single quote characters inside [body] and [summary], so you don't have to worry about those. However if you have shell that does not use single quotes for strong quoting then you might want to edit the source.

Issues :
	* Fails to reply on some python programs (?)
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