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User and developer documentation for CocoaPods
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config.rb (deprecated)

User and developer documentation for the old CocoaPods website, now being dealt with by the CocoaPods Guides.

Information Sources

This application gathers information from the following sources:

If you find any area which could be improved, pull requests are welcome and make good karma.


This application builds a static site by using the Middleman.

The source files of the individual libraries are processed with YARD and the pre-processed result is stored in YAML files.

The information for the HTML templates is gathered either from the YAML data of the individual libraries or from the Markdown files available in this repo.

Getting Started

$ rake bootstrap
$ rake middleman:build

To see all the availible rake taks:

$ rake -T


All CocoaPods development happens on GitHub, there is a repository for CocoaPods and one for the CocoaPods specs. Contributing patches or Pods is really easy and gratifying. You even get push access when one of your specs or patches is accepted.

Follow @CocoaPods to get up to date information about what's going on in the CocoaPods world.


This repository and CocoaPods are available under the MIT license.

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