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Releases: Cocoanetics/DTCoreText


30 Jun 08:28
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  • FIXED: Some weak support issues
  • FIXED: Some warnings
  • FIXED: Enabled bitcode
  • FIXED: Missing weak for DTAccessibilityElement and view proxy
  • FIXED: [Demo] About VC didn't set correct content inset
  • FIXED: Select correct fallbackFont with matching traits when multiple are available
  • FIXED: Check for default font
  • NEW: [Demo] Demonstrate dark/light mode adjustment on About Box



09 Oct 09:55
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  • FIXED: URLs containing CJK characters are not parsed
  • FIXED: iOS 13 openURL crash
  • FIXED: References to deprecated classes
  • FIXED: Cannot parse CSS with empty font-family
  • FIXED: iOS 14 warnings
  • NEW: Swift Package Manager Support



24 Aug 15:51
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Version 1.6.23

11 Sep 07:07
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Version 1.6.22

11 Sep 06:23
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Please read the announcement for a summary of changes to this maintenance release.

Version 1.6.21

28 Aug 13:57
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  • ADDED: Support for


  • ADDED: Support width attribute in percent for text attachments
  • ADDED: Ability to abort HTML parsing
  • ADDED: Archiving
  • ADDED: Improved support for macOS
  • FIXED: Incorrect file name in import should be DTCSSStylesheet.h
  • FIXED: HTML generation with multi-line links
  • FIXED: Do not add 'Apple-converted-space' to attributed string when processing custom HTML attributes
  • FIXED: Ignore list style shorthands that are not strings
  • FIXED: Wrong attributed substring passed to generic custom view when using truncation
  • FIXED: Avoid unnecessary drawing of DTAttributedTextContentView if it is being deallocated
  • FIXED: Changing properties on DTCoreTextLayoutFrame would not update layout, resulting in incorrect sizing information being returned


Version 1.6.20

23 Feb 18:12
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  • FIXED: Crash when img tag had an invalid file URL to an animated GIF
  • FIXED: Superfluos import for framework-based umbrella header causing build issues
  • FIXED: Link will be nil when cleanString contains Chinese characters
  • FIXED: DTCoreTextLayoutFrame memory leak
  • FIXED: Certain truncations might cause a crash
  • FIXED: Skip unpaired bracket } & fix NSUInteger underflow in CSS parser
  • FIXED: Space to “apple converted space span” conversion for 2 spaces
  • FIXED: Text range for text block (for drawing background rectangle) might be computed incorrectly
  • FIXED: Crash with IFRAME src attribute had less than 2 characters
  • ADDED: Look for DTCoreTextFontOverrides.plist in the main bundle if its not found in the local bundle
  • ADDED: Expanded character decoding support in stringByReplacingHTMLEntities


Version 1.6.19

11 Oct 17:13
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  • FIXED: Incompatibility with iOS 7, using containsString
  • FIXED: Memory Leak in DTLazyImageView, using NSURLSession
  • FIXED: [Demo] When loading remote images the relayout needs to be done on next runloop
  • FIXED: Incorrect tabulator used for list items
  • FIXED: In default.css P tags had a -webkit-margin-before (which gets parsed since 1.6.18) causing superfluous extra space before paragraphs


Version 1.6.18

30 Sep 14:11
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  • ADDED: tvOS Support
  • ADDED: Property to better support display remote images with DTAttributedTextCell
  • ADDED: Extension sub spec (which removes some things that cannot be used in Extensions)
  • ADDED: Parse margin-top as paragraphSpacingBefore
  • ADDED: Support for list style with roman numerals
  • ADDED: 10% performance increase parsing CSS styles that only have a single part
  • ADDED: Usage of custom font name via CSS in programming guide
  • FIXED: Potential crash on iOS 10 from more strict CoreText functions
  • FIXED: Crash when list-style-image was not a string
  • FIXED: Crash when comparing lines and one of them was nil
  • FIXED: Several Xcode 8 build warnings
  • FIXED: All deprecation warnings related to CoreText text alignment constants
  • FIXED: NSURLConnection deprecation by using NSURLSessionDataTask instead
  • FIXED: Deprecation warnings related to percentEncoding, replaced with HTML entity encoding
  • FIXED: Several Carthage build problems


Version 1.6.17

08 Jan 14:09
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  • ADDED: Line truncation
  • ADDED: Minimum and maximum line heights
  • ADDED: Ability to change paragraph tag name
  • ADDED: Support for use in app extension
  • FIXED: Build error for integrating via sub-project
  • FIXED: CTLineUtils compiler warnings
  • FIXED: Setup Guide for sub-project integration
  • FIXED: Missing paragraph style for text attachments
  • CHANGED: Updated to DTFoundation 1.6.9