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Suministros Puerto Rico


We are archiving this project.

While the project itself is still available in it's URL, there is no Code for Puerto Rico team maintaining it. If there is interest in working on this project please let the Code for PR core team know by creating an discussion here and joining our hack nights.


# Install pipenv (
$ pip install --user pipenv

# Install project dependencies
$ pipenv install --dev

# Install pre-commit hooks
$ pipenv run pre-commit install

# Copy example environment variables to proper file
$ cp example.env .env

# Run Django database migrations
$ pipenv run python migrate

# Run local server
$ pipenv run python runserver_plus


$ docker-compose up --build

Importing data

  1. Unarchive data extract to ./data/scraped/*.json

  2. Run the import_data command:

$ docker-compose exec web python import_data ./data/scraped


git push heroku master

Clearing cache

heroku run python clear_cache

Update i18n locale strings

  1. Extract i18n strings with:
$ docker-compose exec web django-admin makemessages -l en
  1. Update local strings with the translated text on the files located at suministrospr/locale

For example:

#: suministrospr/suministros/templates/suministros/suministro_form.html:36
msgid "Municipio"
msgstr "Municipality""
  1. Compile strings and generate .mo files with:
docker-compose exec web django-admin compilemessages