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A Jabbr bot designed for collaborative projects
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A Jabbr bot designed for collaborative projects

Extending the Jabbot library - a bot API for JabbR.

Connecting to a Jabbr Room

It's as easy as:

var bot = new Bot("http://myjabbot", "username", "password");
bot.Say("Hello", "someroom");
bot.Say("Ok I'm off");

Writing Sprockets

Sprockets are things you can plug-in to enhance the behavior of your bot. Simply drop a dll with classes that implement ISprocket into a Sprockets folder and you're done. Here's an port of the from hubot:

public class MathSprocket : RegexSprocket
    public override Regex Pattern
        get { return new Regex("(calc|calculate|convert|math)( me)? (.*)"); }

    protected override void ProcessMatch(Match match, ChatMessage message, Bot bot)
        var client = new HttpClient();
        client.DefaultRequestHeaders.AcceptLanguage.Add(new StringWithQualityHeaderValue("en-us"));
        client.DefaultRequestHeaders.AcceptCharset.Add(new StringWithQualityHeaderValue("utf-8"));

        client.GetAsync("" + Uri.EscapeDataString(match.Groups[3].Value))
              .ContinueWith(task =>
                  if (task.Result.IsSuccessStatusCode)
                      task.Result.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().ContinueWith(readTask =>
                          dynamic json =  JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(readTask.Result);

                          string solution = json.rhs;

                          bot.Reply(message.FromUser, solution ?? "Could not compute.", message.Room);

A new extension being added to JibbR is for announcement-style sprockets. You can specify how often an announcement may occur, and include code to execute for the active bot.

public class EchoAnnouncement : IAnnounce
    public TimeSpan Interval
        get { return TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10); }

    public void Execute(Bot bot)
        foreach (var room in bot.Rooms)
            bot.Say("Hello world!", room);

another code52 project

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