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The sensors.AFRICA map showing data from air quality sensors deployed across the continent. Accessible at

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Challenge: Aircheck

Goals and ideas

  • visualise recent sensor data on a map
  • identify and add existing air quality data from external sources
  • gather air quality data on-the-go, develop a mobile solution, measure tracks
  • visualize the track data on a map, too

Mobile sensor

  • add GPS to existing sensor setup, see commit
  • enable push GPS data to Django API (changes for GPS measurements see commit) and/or via MQTT


This map visualisation was hacked during the NASA Space-Apps challenge 2016

The necessary steps were:

  • adapt the django API: request to get the latest measurement values
  • create a map visualisation based on the API inputs

Repository is located at

Django API changes

mfa provided the changes to the API (see commit)

Map application

The map background is based on OpenStreetMap provided via mapbox. The application itself was created in JavaScript on top of a leaflet layer.

The implemetation makes use of various frameworks and is on ECMA6 language level. Used frameworks are:



npm install
cp config.js.dist config.js


npm start


npm run build
npm run ghpages