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Simple javascript toast notifications

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toastr is a Javascript library for non-blocking notifications. jQuery is required. The goal is to create a simple core library that can be customized and extended.

Current Version




Toastr is hosted at CDN JS



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    bower install toastr

Wiki and Change Log

Wiki including Change Log

Breaking Changes

Animation Changes

The following animations options have been deprecated and should be replaced:

  • Replace options.fadeIn with options.showDuration
  • Replace options.onFadeIn with options.onShown
  • Replace options.fadeOut with options.hideDuration
  • Replace options.onFadeOut with options.onHidden

Quick start

3 Easy Steps

For other API calls, see the demo.

  1. Link to toastr.css <link href="toastr.css" rel="stylesheet"/>

  2. Link to toastr.js <script src="toastr.js"></script>

  3. use toastr to display a toast for info, success, warning or error

    // Display an info toast with no title'Are you the 6 fingered man?')

Other Options

// Display a warning toast, with no title
toastr.warning('My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die!')

// Display a success toast, with a title
toastr.success('Have fun storming the castle!', 'Miracle Max Says')

// Display an error toast, with a title
toastr.error('I do not think that word means what you think it means.', 'Inconceivable!')

// Clears the current list of toasts

Close Button

Optionally enable a close button

toastr.options.closeButton = true;

Optionally override the close button's HTML.

toastr.options.closeHtml = '<button><i class="icon-off"></i></button>';

You can also override the CSS/LESS for #toast-container .toast-close-button

Display Sequence

Show newest toast at bottom (top is default)

toastr.options.newestOnTop = false;


// Define a callback for when the toast is shown/hidden
toastr.options.onShown = function() { console.log('hello'); }
toastr.options.onHidden = function() { console.log('goodbye'); }

Animation Options

Toastr will supply default animations, so you do not have to provide any of these settings. However you have the option to override the animations if you like.


Optionally override the animation easing to show or hide the toasts. Default is swing. swing and linear are built into jQuery.

toastr.options.showEasing = 'swing';
toastr.options.hideEasing = 'linear';

Using the jQuery Easing plugin (

toastr.options.showEasing = 'easeOutBounce';
toastr.options.hideEasing = 'easeInBack';

Animation Method

Use the jQuery show/hide method of your choice. These default to fadeIn/fadeOut. The methods fadeIn/fadeOut, slideDown/slideUp, and show/hide are built into jQuery.

toastr.options.showMethod = 'slideDown'; 
toastr.options.hideMethod = 'slideUp'; 

Building Toastr

To build the minified and css versions of Toastr you will need node installed.

Install the Grunt command line. This might require sudo.

npm install -g grunt-cli

Then, from the main project folder run this command. This should not require sudo.

npm install

At this point the dependencies have been installed and you can build Toastr



Hans Fjällemark

John Papa


Inspired by


Copyright © 2012 Hans Fjällemark & John Papa.


toastr is under MIT license -

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