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Overdose Prevention

Every Wednesday. A map application to help users find the nearest overdose prevention centre.


  • NPM & NodeJs @ latest version (
  • Run npm install -g expo-cli
  • Install the Expo mobile app on your device

Tech Stack

  • React-Native - Render interface.

Serving App on device

  1. Clone repo

  2. Run npm install

  3. Install pre-commit

    Mac Users -->
    Install homebrew and run brew install pre-commit
    Run pre-commit install

    Windows Users -->
    Install the latest Python (3.7) executable file from
    Install pip curl -o
    Run python
    Run pip install pre-commit
    Run pre-commit install

  4. Login to Expo by running expo login and follow the instructions to enter username and password

  5. Run npm start

  6. Assuming you have logged in to Expo on your Expo mobile app, go to the "projects" tab. You should see your app serving from your computer


  1. Expo app says the app is taking longer than expected to load
    1. Open up computer terminal and run: ipconfig for Windows. ifconfig for Mac
    2. Check to see if your IP is the same as the one Expo used (Expo shows the IP after you ran npm start)
    3. If not, try to follow this link for Windows


This project is licensed under the MIT License.