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Cognitive Computation Group, led by Prof. Dan Roth


  1. cogcomp-nlp Public

    CogComp's Natural Language Processing Libraries and Demos: Modules include lemmatizer, ner, pos, prep-srl, quantifier, question type, relation-extraction, similarity, temporal normalizer, tokenizer…

    Java 462 146

  2. CogComp's light-weight Python NLP annotators

    Python 117 26

  3. talen Public

    A way to do annotations for NER. TALEN: Tool for Annotation of Low-resource ENtities

    Java 109 23

  4. zoe Public

    Zero-Shot Open Entity Typing as Type-Compatible Grounding, EMNLP'18.

    Python 43 5

  5. nmn-drop Public

    Code for NMN over DROP -- Neural Module Networks for Reasoning over Text

    Python 5

  6. time Public

    Understanding time in text

    3 1


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