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Public code release for Ito, Kulkarni, Schultz, Mill, Chen, Solomyak, Cole (2017)
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Information transfer mapping

Public code release for Ito et al. (2017)

Takuya Ito (

Citation: Ito T, Kulkarni KR, Schultz DH, Mill RD, Chen RH, Solomyak LI, Cole MW (2017) “Cognitive task information is transferred between brain regions via resting-state network topology.”. Nature Communications. 8:1027. PMID: 29044112

Last update: 07/26/2017

Refer to methods and supplementary materials for full descriptions

Directory organization:


  • Contains demo code and demo functions for performing information transfer mapping. See EmpiricalResults demo for example implementation.

Directory: TheoreticalResults/

  • Contains demos for our computational (simulation) model results. Specifically, replicates Fig. 4 and Supplementary Fig. 3. See subdirectory for other details.

Directory: EmpiricalResults/

  • Contains demos for our empirical network-to-network information transfer mapping results. Specifically, replicates Supplementary Fig. 1. See subdirectory for other details.

Directory: MasterScripts/

  • Contains all raw code used to run analyses and generate figures from HCP minimally preprocessed material. Code is not organized as "tutorial" code. See subdirectory for more details.

Directory: utils/

  • File: Contains a function to estimate functional connectivity using multiple linear regression.
  • File: Contains a function to run FWE-correction using permutation testing.
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