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Cole Neurocognition Laboratory

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  1. Public release of The Cole-Anticevic Brain-wide Network Partition (CAB-NP)

    C 45 10

  2. Repository for the CombinedFC project (Sanchez-Romero & Cole, 2021)

    Jupyter Notebook 16 6

  3. The Brain Activity Flow ("Actflow") Toolbox. Tools to quantify the relationship between connectivity and task activity through network simulations and machine learning prediction. Helps determine h…

    Python 15 3

  4. Public code release for Ito, Kulkarni, Schultz, Mill, Chen, Solomyak, Cole (2017)

    Jupyter Notebook 7 2

  5. Code for running simulations and data analysis from: Cole MW, Ito T, Schultz D, Mill R, Chen R, Cocuzza C (2019). "Task activations produce spurious but systematic inflation of task functional con…

    Roff 7 2

  6. Data analysis code associated with Cole et al. (2016), Nature Neuroscience

    MATLAB 6 3



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