A Colemak mod for more comfortable typing.
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Colemak Mod-DH Downloads

See the Colemak Mod-DH Project Home Page for information on this project.

Windows: AutoHotKey

The fastest way to try out Mod-DH on Windows is to use the AutoHotKey scripts. See the downloadautohotkey folder for downloads.

Windows: KLC files

There are also files for Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC). See the downloadKLC folder for more information and downloads.

Linux: XKB files

Mod-DH is now supported by DreymaR's Big Bag of Keyboard Tricks.

This is the recommended way to install Mod-DH in Linux. To enable it, edit the symbols/colemak file as mentioned in this Colemak forum discussion. The source files are in DreymaR's downloadBigBagKbdTrixXKB repository.

Linux: Xmodmap / console files

There are currently a selection of files for xmodmap, there are available in the downloadxmodmap folder download area. You may need to customize these for your own language/region. Keymap files for the console are also provided in the downloadconsole folder.

The files can also be generated and installed by running make install in downloadgenerate-linux-keymaps as root. Since the location of console keymap files varies depending on the distro, you may need to specify a different directory than the default /usr/share/keymaps (which is correct for Debian-based distros): # make KEYMAP_PREFIX=/usr/share/kbd/keymaps install.

Android: APK for physical keyboard

An Android application package (APK), with source files, is available, allowing you to type Mod-DH on a physical keyboard connected to your Android device. See the downloadandroid section for detailed instructions.