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SGHD Patch

Here's how you build this. The process is pretty messy at the moment. Sorry about that; we'll try to make this friendlier with later LanguageBarrier versions.

Keep in mind this stuff is not ready for producing translations yet. For instance, LanguageBarrier currently only works with SGHD and has default configuration for our own patch built in.

If at this point you really really want to build/use this and need assistance, join us on Discord


You need Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and Python 2.7 installed (latter being in your path as python.exe). There are some more code dependencies, we'll go over how to grab them later.

Get all the repositories


and of course this repository.

LanguageBarrier dependencies


In your LanguageBarrier solution directory, create the LanguageBarrier/contrib/bin folder and put bin2h.exe there (assuming you don't already have it in your PATH).


  • Get the Simd Library (tested with
  • Set it up for building as a static library: edit simd/src/Simd/SimdConfig.h and uncomment #define SIMD_STATIC.
  • Copy the simd/src/Simd directory to LanguageBarrier/contrib/include in your copy of the LanguageBarrier repository.
  • Open the VS solution at simd/prj/vs14/Simd.sln.
  • For both Release/Win32 and Debug/Win32, change the Configuration Type of the Simd project to "Static library (.lib)" in its project properties.
  • In all projects' project properties, for Debug/Win32, change C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Runtime Library to "Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd)".
  • Build the Simd project for both Release/Win32 and Debug/Win32.
  • Copy the contents of simd/bin/v140/Win32/Debug and simd/bin/v140/Win32/Release to LanguageBarrier/contrib/lib/Debug and LanguageBarrier/contrib/lib/Release, respectively.


Download json.hpp (tested with 2.0.7) and put it in LanguageBarrier/contrib/include.

NuGet packages

Restore NuGet packages in the LanguageBarrier and LBConfig repositories.


Run build.cmd in SciAdv.Net to build the solution, including SC3Enc.


Set all the paths in terribuild.ps1 in this directory. You should now be able to build the entire thing using that script, generating a DIST.zip containing everything users need. Unless I forgot something, which I probably did.