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Command line tool to edit resources of exe
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rcedit Build status

Command line tool to edit resources of exe file on Windows.


Prebuilt binaries can be found in the artifacts of appveyor jobs.


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Open rcedit.sln with Visual Studio 2015 or above
  3. Build

Generate solution files

If you have modified the gyp files, you should regenerate the solution files:

  1. Make sure you have gyp configured on your system. If not, clone gyp from
  2. Run gyp rcedit.gyp --depth .


Show help:

$ rcedit -h

Set version string:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --set-version-string "Comments" "This is an exe"

Use this option to change any supported properties, as described in the MSDN documentation here

Set file version:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --set-file-version "10.7"

Set product version:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --set-product-version "10.7"

Set icon:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --set-icon "path-to-ico"

Set resource string:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --set-resource-string id_number "new string value"

Set requested execution level (asInvoker | highestAvailable | requireAdministrator) in the manifest:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --set-requested-execution-level "requireAdministrator"

Set application manifest:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --application-manifest ./path/to/manifest/file

And you can change multiple things in one command:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --set-icon "path-to-ico" --set-file-version "10.7"

Get version string:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --get-version-string "property"

Use the same properties as --set-version-string. Use "FileVersion" to get the results of --set-file-version and "ProductVersion" to get the results of --get-product-version.

Get resource string:

$ rcedit "path-to-exe-or-dll" --get-resource-string id_number
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