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@rbouckaert rbouckaert released this May 22, 2020 · 1 commit to master since this release


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@rbouckaert rbouckaert released this Jan 15, 2020 · 20 commits to master since this release

    Allow operator schedule changes in BEAUti
    Fix quantile parameterisation of relaxed clocks
    Add batch file for Windows command line usage
    Improve error messages
    Provide better access in API for developers
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Jan 14, 2020
allow operator schedule changes in BEAUti #885

@rbouckaert rbouckaert released this Jul 29, 2019 · 51 commits to master since this release

  • Fixes bug in BEAUti so that template of "last" package is recognised
  • Makes loganalyser deal with spacees in trace log names
  • Adds column to LogAnalyser -oneline output
  • Has random local clock fix for unscaled rates

More details are available here:

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Jul 29, 2019
Fixed bug with template directory finding. Closes issue #868.

@rbouckaert rbouckaert released this May 22, 2019

Main changes

    Robustify application launching and package upgrading (especially for Windows)
    Faster BEAUti processing of large number of partitions

Other changes

    Make sequenceSimulator less sensitive to taxa ordering
    Improved error messages
    XML being produced is more standardised
    Make help menu extendible to add for example automatic methods section generator        
    Saves last accessed directory between sessions
    Default bounds on BSP pop sizes and random local clock rates updated
    Let GuessPatternDialog handle empty fields.
    Adding MRCAPriors more robust when multiple alignments share a tree
    More complete Nexus parser

For developers

    More flexible options for constructing BEAST objects 
    More access methods to core classes
    Added BEASTInterface::notClonable

There are more details for users and developers on the website.

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May 20, 2019
add BEASTClassLoader to deal with dynically loading classes #834

@rbouckaert rbouckaert released this Jan 28, 2019 · 133 commits to master since this release

  • More robust release for Windows that includes JRE
  • Fix AppLauncher for OS X
  • Robustify start scripts for OS X, Linux
  • Implement rate parameterisation for uncorrelated relaxed clock model
  • Improved error messages
  • Relaxed API giving more access to package developers
  • Node.getMetaData() now returns null on key not found
  • Pass -Xss arguments through launchers to set stack size
  • DOIs point to preferred resolver
  • Fix multi-threading issue with parameteric distributions
  • Remove posterior ESS from screen log
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@rbouckaert rbouckaert released this Aug 20, 2018 · 159 commits to master since this release

Add -X flag to all applications, so more memory can be allocated
Fix some OS X with Java 9+ anomalies
More robust OS X CUDA check
More robust launch scripts
Better error reporting
More robust package manager
TreeAnnotator handles taxa that are numbers now
Allow multiple -D arguments to BEAST, allows commas in user defined variables

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Aug 19, 2018
bump version, make sure OS X CUDA check succeeds #798
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