Ruby on Rails Integration

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Using the Compass gem by itself in Rails projects no longer works since version 0.12.rc.0.
There is now a compass-rails gem that should be included in the assets group of your Gemfile.


Outdated, please go to

Rails 3:

$ compass init rails /path/to/myrailsproject

Rails 2.3 Users:

You can install Compass/Sass into a new or existing rails app using our official rails application template.

for a new application:
$ rails <myrailsappnamehere> -m

for existing application, use the application template rake task:
$ rake rails:template LOCATION=

You can also set the environment variable NO_SUDO to true to disable sudo usage in the script
$ rake rails:template LOCATION= NO_SUDO=true

If you have an existing application, and are already using Haml, and don’t want to use the application template (which tries to install Haml for you), you can manually install compass by following these directions


Having issues? Watch this quick screencast on how to set everything up:
Get Compass and Sass working with Rails FAST!

Rails Pre-2.3:

Please follow these instructions

Compass does not support Rails before 2.2.

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