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Computational Law: DataVR Module

Below is an informal running collection of potentially relevant links for the upcoming January 2017 MIT/IAP Computational Law Course module on DataVR

VR for Data Exploration



Background and Reference Resources:

Monitor These Google Searches:

immersive data visualization - Google Search

oculus rift data visualization - Google Search

big data virtual reality - Google Search

virtual reality data visualization enterprise architecture - Google Search

Relevant Journal and Conference Articles

Visualizing Big Data with augmented and virtual reality: challenges and research agenda | Journal of Big Data | Full Text

Visualizing Big Data with augmented and virtual reality: challenges and research agenda

Microsoft Word - paper 371.rtf

Immersive and Collaborative Data Visualization Using Virtual Reality Platforms

Relevant Trade Press and Popular Articles:

Immersive Data Visualization with Virtual Reality - Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

How VR Will Revolutionize Big Data Visualizations

Civis Analytics | Exploring Virtual Reality Data Visualization with Gear VR

How to make a simple virtual reality data visualization – Storybench

Beyond Entertainment: Enterprise Big Data Modeling with Virtual Reality | Signiant

Virtual Reality Supply Chain | 3-D Rendering

Virtual reality for immersive data visualization: Big data conference: Strata + Hadoop World, March 28 - 31, 2016, San Jose, CA

Enterprise-level architecture for interactive web-based 3D visualization of geo-referenced repositories

Web-Based Enterprise Data Visualization – a 3D Approach

Data-Driven Ambitions at Autodesk University 2016 | Architect Magazine

Architecture and VR: Mobile or static virtual reality? - VR Tech

Virtual reality delivers business value: PwC

7 Notable Data Visualization Tools - Enterprise Apps Today

4 Key Architecture Considerations for Big Data Analytics - VMware vFabric Blog - VMware Blogs

Virtual Reality Supply Chain Management - The Center for Excellence in Operations Inc.

Symphony GOLD the Unified Platform for Retail

Detach a data control from a frame in Dundas BI (Data Visualization tool)

Earliest Good Example I Could Find:

Starship: Enterprise Data Visualisation for the Next Generation - YouTube

StandardLaw/starship: Enterprise Data Visualisation for the Next Generation

VR & AR in Learning and Collaboration Environments

Hacks and Apps for Data-Driven Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiential Learning Contexts and Use Cases

Below is a largely uncurated, informal running list of links to examples, reviews, tools, scholarly articles and other relevant resources and materials

Education Applications in Reality Technology (MR, AR, VR)

5 Top Augmented Reality Apps for Education - Hongkiat

How to Transform Your Classroom With Augmented Reality | EdSurge News

What is “Augmented Reality”?
How can I start using AR in my classroom?
And why exactly should I start doing this? It sounds like a lot of work.
What are the best AR apps and resources out there?

  • Popar Toys: This catalog of AR resources changes the way children read books, look at posters, or complete puzzles. (Basically, everything is an animated picture!) Enjoy their interactive books on Planets, Bugs, Dinosaurs, Safari, and Sea Life, or perhaps the interactive charts on Human Anatomy, Periodic Tables, World Maps, The Solar System and US Presidents.
  • Daqri: One of the leading augmented reality developers, Daqri is the creator of Daqri Studio--a truly creative tool for designing your own Augmented Reality projects. Science teachers, check out Anatomy 4D (which allows you to view 3-D images of the human body, and heart) and Elements 4D (which enhances a chemistry classroom by bringing the periodic table to life).
  • Quiver (formerly Colar) App: Quiver has different coloring pages from every subject area. When partnered with the app, the coloring pages come to life and have animated actions. For instance, students can create their own flag, and tie it to science and weather by controlling the wind. Or, check out a world map that shows day and night views of the world when activated with the app.
  • Chromville: Chromville’s science-based coloring pages ignite creativity in children through art, technology, and the eight multiple intelligences. The Chromville Visual App uses its characters to promote storytelling and features a classroom component that has coloring pages explaining the likes of the human body and parts of plant.
  • Fetch Lunch Rush: This fun PBS kids game app uses printable cards as augmented reality game pieces. In the game, kids help Ruff the Dog feed sushi to a movie crew by solving the math problems. Each game piece is a trigger image that comes to life when scanned.
  • STAR Augmented Reality Worksheets: With these interactive materials, the worksheet comes alive and transposes 3-dimensional models and video resources to reinforce content.
  • AugThat: Developed by a former teacher, AugThat creates augmented reality content for classrooms, specifically targeting students that fall through the cracks and aren’t engaged. They create animated lessons in a variety of formats, including 360-degree virtual environments and 3-dimensional experiences.
  • Two Guys and Some iPads: These sought-after keynote speakers and Augmented Reality gurus share various ways to incorporate Augmented Reality into the classroom and give practical examples of simple ways that teachers around the world are using AR.

6 Outstanding Augmented Reality Apps for Science Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

  • 1 Anatomy 4D:‘Through this free app and a simple printed image, Anatomy 4D transports students, teachers, medical professionals, and anyone who wants to learn about the body into an interactive 4D experience of human anatomy. Visually stunning and completely interactive, Anatomy 4D uses augmented reality and other cutting edge technologies to create the perfect vehicle for 21st century education.’
  • 2 Science AR:‘Science AR is the Augmented Reality App for schools. Makes the Science AR posters come alive. This App works in conjunction with the Science AR posters. Not in isolation.’
  • 3 Zoo-AR: ‘Zoo-AR is an Augmented Reality application with a variety of animals and insects available for viewing in 3D. Simply download the correct markers and either print them out or view them on another device.’
  • 4 Elements 4D: ‘Part educational story and part game, the Elements 4D app offers a new, fun way to experience augmented reality and learn about real-life chemistry.’
  • 5 SkyView: ‘SkyView® brings stargazing to everyone. Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more!’
  • 6 Spacecraft 3D: ‘NASA's Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality (AR) application that lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth, and observe the universe. Using a printed AR Target and the camera on your mobile device, you can get up close with these robotic explorers, see how they move, and learn about the engineering feats used to expand our knowledge and understanding of space.’
  • 2014 article from on same topic:

Augmented Reality for Education - Augment

9 Amazing Augmented Reality Apps for Teaching and Learning — Emerging Education Technologies

  • AR Flashcards – Alphabet (Free): App to help students learn the alphabet
  • AR Flashcards – Shapes & Colors (Free): App to help students learn colors and shapes.
  • Chromville (Free): Educational app using the eight multiple intelligences. Students color their characters and then they come to life with the Visual Arts app.
  • Barcy (Free): From the creators of Chromville comes Barcy, an AR app that explores water life and the water use.
  • Chromville Science ($4.99): Chromville Science joins art, technology, science and the eight Multiple Intelligences, promoting the development of kid’s creativity and their motivation for the learning process according to their needs and preferences.
  • Elements 4D (Free): AR Chemistry app that brings the elements to life. It includes lesson plans for all levels: elementary, intermediate, and high school.
  • Anatomy 4D (Free): Bring the human body to life with this AR app. Have students learn about the different systems and human anatomy with this app.
  • Arloon Geometry ($2.99): An amazing way to learn geometry! This app features 3D models with AR for most geometric shapes. By directly interacting with the figures, your students will improve their spatial visualization.
  • Arloon Mental Math ($2.99): Fun way for students to practice addition and subtraction without using paper.
  • Here are links where you can find more information about these apps:

3 Free Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom | MindShift | KQED News

This Mixed Reality Educational App Gives You X-Ray Goggles and Takes You Into the Human Body - UploadVR

Virtual Reality for Education

Developing Mixed Reality Educational Applications: The Virtual Touch Toolkit. - PubMed - NCBI

Mixed Reality @ Education: Multimedia Applications in Education Conference

"ABSTRACT: Augmented reality is a new way that augments virtual and artificial objects on the real environment. The aim of this paper is to show the integration of this technology in the education. Can we improve our lessons by using this technology or is it only a hype and consequently worthless for us? Different examples using the AR approach will be presented. Finally, we show the advantages and disadvantages of this technology"

Developing Mixed Reality Educational Applications: The Virtual Touch Toolkit

The Top 10 Companies Working on Education in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality | Touchstone Research

ISTE | Reality revisited: Getting started with virtual reality in your classroom

360° & VR for Education

Augmented and Virtual Reality - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

Using AR & VR For Education: An Interview with Kathy Schrock

Five Easy Steps to Teach With Virtual Reality Now | EdSurge News

Nearpod - Take your students on a virtual reality adventure

April 2016: Virtual Reality in the Classroom | Discovery Education

Is VR Coming to a Classroom Near You? | the Learning Counsel

10+ virtual reality apps transforming education

The best educational VR apps for the Google Cardboard

Top Educational Virtual Reality Apps

7 Top Gear VR and Cardboard Educational Apps

32 Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom

Google Cardboard for Educators – Science Beyond the Boundaries

10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian

6 Exciting AR Apps for Student Learning | Edutopia

32 Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom

Parking Lot

Long Running List or Links/Resources That MIGHT Be USEFUL

weather vr - Google Search

Developer Center | Oculus


datavr - Google Search

DNGros/dataVR: A VR tool for visualizing data

Data VR (San Francisco, CA) | Meetup

data VR | VR Journalism | USC Annenberg project

The Wellcome Trust and Epic Games Launch the Big Data VR Challenge

'Big Data VR Challenge' $20,000 Grand Prize Winner Revealed by Epic Games and Wellcome Trust - Road to VR

DataVR | Devpost

Raw Data VR Gameplay - HTC Vive VR FPS Tower Defence - YouTube


Epic Games and Wellcome Trust Reveal $20,000 Big Data VR Challenge Winner

The Big Data VR Challenge | VRFocus

Big Data VR Challenge winner LumaPie uses VR to visualise research for scientists

Raw Data - VR Action Combat Gameplay - GameSpot

Home - Raw Data Game

LumaPie Won The Big Data VR Challenge By Epic Games & Wellcome Trust

Raw Data, VR First Hit Game, Sells Over $1M | VRROOM

MasterFlux - Tech Data - VR

How VR can be used to unravel the complexities of big data - VR Tech

Raw Data VR - The Best VR Game So Far -

Super data vr summit seoul presentation_6202016

Robots, Meta data, VR, Aztalan, Rock Lake : Truth Frequency Radio

Raw Data review | Raw Data VR game for HTC VIVE | VR

(499) Big Data VR Challenge – Winners! | MASTERS OF PIE (Wellcome Trust) | Virtual reality - VR | Pinterest

Big Data VR app allows researchers to 'browse' genomes

'Big Data VR Challenge' Winners Announced - Dataconomy

What Concerts Look Like When You Add Data, VR & Bionic Hearing | Nathaniel Whittemore | Pulse | LinkedIn

Big Data VR Challenge - Part 2 - Develop conference, Brighton

State by State Guide to Lobbying Data — VR Research - Public Records Research | Opposition Research

Can Virtual Reality Rescue Big Data? – Virtual Reality Developer

NTT DATA to Launch Virtual Reality Baseball Coaching System Developed in Collaboration with Rakuten Baseball, Inc. | NTT DATA Global

Opaque Media Group

Virtual reality helps make sense of complex scientific data

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