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Getting Started with Conceal

Conceal is a decentralized blockchain bank, with deposits and investments paying interest rates, without the involvement of financial institutions, powered by 100% open source code.

This is the main source of documentation for users of Conceal Cryptocurrency. For more information on the project, please visit our website.


There are several ways to get started with Conceal. However, all of them require the creation of a wallet. The Conceal Wallet is like a bank account to store your coins. This guide will go through the three major wallets and how to use them.


Deposits and Investments are two of the pillars of the Conceal Cryptocurrency and this guide will go through the process of setting up a new wallet and creating your first deposit or investment.


It is very important that you secure your funds and take every single measure possible to ensure the safety if your currency. This guide will go through some of the basic security measures every user should take.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I get Transaction size is too big, please optimize your wallet or Transaction is too big errors, what should I do?

A: Often, this is because of a lot of small incoming transactions. With the command line Concealwallet, you can optimize your wallet to send larger transactions or a single big transaction. See this guide on wallet optimization.

Q: When sending a transaction, the payment ID clears and nothing happens after I hit the send button. What is the issue?

A: This is commonly caused by trying to send funds before wallet synchronization is complete. Check the bottom left-hand corner of the wallet to ensure that it is synchronized. If you see a message that says 'synchronizing' or 'last block received xxx hours ago', then your wallet is not synchronized with the network.

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