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APNs HTTP/2 integration library for Haskell
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apns-http2 is a library which uses the building blocks from the http2 package to implement a client library for sending push notifications to APNs (Apple Push Notification service) via its newer HTTP/2 based protocol. It does not (presently) handle formatting of the push content or connection management, but handles all the intricacies of a single connection which is essentially an HTTP/2 client with a few specializations made since one doesn't already seem to exist for Haskell.


Located in example/Main.hs.


As of writing, the library has gone through some low-load development tests but has not yet gone into production. We'd appreciate any fixes, improvements, or experience reports.


Contributions and feedback welcome! File an issue or make a PR.


Asa (@asa) and Ross (@dridus) lurk on fpchat. You can also reach us at

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