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Yet Another Pixel Dungeon mod
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Yet Another Pixel Dungeon

A mobile roguelike RPG, based on the source code of Pixel Dungeon, by Watabou. Main differences from original game are:

  • Significant rework of combat, stealth, healing and wand mechanics!

  • Total rework/rebalancing of weapons, armors, potions, scrolls, wands, rings, mobs, and classes.

  • Dual wielding, shields, ranged weapons and different categories of armors.

  • Dungeon is now 31 floors deep, with every chapter consisting of 6 floors instead of 5.

  • Many mobs were moved to other chapters and most of their abilities were changed.

  • Shops are on every fifth level now, and they have much more useful things for sale!

  • Environment now affects your stealth and evasion, rewarding careful positioning.

  • Armor enchantments do not have any real drawbacks anymore, and are fully reworked.

  • Fully reworked battle with first and fourth bosses (rework of other bosses is coming later).

  • Gameplay tips on loading screen and more detailed info about items and stats.

  • Improved interface - auto-aiming, extended journal, better inventory and more!

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon uses gradle and is most easily compiled/edited using Android Studio.

You can download it on Google Play:

Source code of original Pixel Dungeon:

Reddit's page:

Contact e-mail:

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