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Consonance is a cloud orchestration tool for running Docker-based tools and CWL/WDL workflows available at Dockstore on fleets of VMs running in clouds. It allows you to schedule a set of Dockstore job orders, spinning up the necessary VMs on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or OpenStack via the Youxia library for provisioning cloud-based VMs, and then tearing them down after all work is complete.

We are currently at work on Consonance 2.0 which supports anything from Dockstore and allows users to submit a variety of jobs intended for a variety of instance types.

The latest unstable releases on develop support running tools/workflows from Dockstore.

Consonance 1.0 is currently in maintenance mode and has also been integrated into a simplified workflow launcher Pancancer Workflow Launcher for AWS for external users and a more flexible but less well documented Pancancer Workflow Launcher for users internal to OICR.

The latest stable releases on master support the pancancer project

See the Consonance wiki for more information on this project.


I'm showing how to install dependencies on a Mac so adapt to your system/OS.


You need a PostgreSQL server to run the tests, on the Mac try

Once you have this setup (using whatever technique is appropriate for your system) create the queue_status database.

$bash> "/Applications/" -p5432 -d "postgres"
postgres=# create database queue_status;
postgres=# create user queue_user;
postgres=# grant all privileges  on database queue_status to queue_user;

Now load the schema:

$bash> cat ~/gitroot/Consonance/consonance/consonance-arch/sql/schema.sql | "/Applications/" -p5432 -d "queue_status"


The integration tests require RabbitMQ, here's how to install via home brew:

$bash> brew install rabbitmq
$bash> /usr/local/sbin/rabbitmq-server

Consonance Config File

By default the client looks for ~/.consonance/config. You need this file for tests to pass:

$bash> mkdir ~/.consonance/ && cp ./consonance-client/src/test/resources/config ~/.consonance/config

Dockstore CLI

The integration tests (see below for how to trigger) will actually simulate the full lifecycle of a WDL workflow run using the Dockstore CLI. See for how to install, you need the dockstore command dependencies in your path and properly configured in order for the full integration tests to pass. Consonance is using the Dockstore CLI library so you only need to install cwltool in your path if you want to test CWL workflows. Cromwell for WDL workflows is baked into the Dockstore CLI library.


Related to the Dockstore CLI above, one of the WDL workflows used for testing requires Docker. Make sure the system you are using for testing has Docker installed if you run the full integration tests.

Building & Testing

The build uses maven (3.2.3, look at using MVNVM), just run:

$bash> mvn clean install

To avoid tests (probably a bad idea!):

$bash> mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean install

Skip tests and use parallel build (see more info here):

$bash> mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true -T 1C install -pl consonance-integration-testing -am

This gives me a build time of 36 seconds vs. 1:21 min for mvn clean install

Now run the full integration tests (assumes you have RabbitMQ and PostgreSQL installed):

$bash> cd consonance-integration-testing
# run a particular test class
$bash> mvn -Dtest=SystemMainIT test
# or even a speicifc test method!
$bash> mvn -Dtest=SystemMainIT#testGetConfiguration test
# or all ITs
$bash> cd ..
$bash> mvn -B clean install -DskipITs=false

Monitoring Integration Tests


See http://localhost:15672/#/queues for your queues, username and password is guest by default.


See the developer page on our wiki.


See the container-admin README for information on quickly setting up Consonance via Docker-compose and an interactive bootstrap configuration script.


See the quickstart guide and the non-quickstart guide on our wiki.


  • test container-admin with pre-release locally with provisioning on AWS
  • review and merge the pull request
  • perform release
  • test container-admin with release on AWS, should be a safe harbor
  • then review/try WES support branch from Abraham


Core consonance utilities for scheduling, reporting on, and provisioning VMs for workflows




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