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jcstanaway commented Aug 26, 2020

Running 2.9.1 (yes, I know, it's old). We have several different clusters, but don't have the same k8s deployments in each cluster. Tried to use a generic policy definition. When it is applied in a cluster which doesn't have one of the deployments, seal doesn't handle the 404 from k8s and dies. Yes, we can change the policies, but also seal shouldn't die in this scenario.

While this was wit

alexbrand commented Aug 23, 2018

Use heptio/workgroup to improve handling of the multiple goroutines that are spawned in each of the discoverers. This will also help us to bubble up errors to main, and handle them appropriately.

An example of this is #224. We wanted to handle the case where re-auth failed 3 times, but there was no good way of bubbling up the error to main.go. We could make reconciler.Run return an error to bub

ishantanu commented Aug 27, 2019

Describe the bug
When tk8 is run in a directory which does not have config.yaml, it tries to auto generate it by saying:

No default config was provided. Generating one for you.

The auto-generated config.yaml is only usable for aws provisioner and not for others.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Download tk8 binary in empty folder.
  2. Setup cattle-

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