Then I Will. A novel generator for NaNoGenMo 2013.
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Then I will.

A twitter based novel generator, made for NaNoGenMo 2013.

This little experiment comes after a couple of weeks playing with the Twitter API search, and looking for things to do with it. NaNoGenMo gave me the idea of using that to create something not-too-random-looking from the complete chaos that comes from there.

So, what we do is define some search phrases, recursively search trough them, clean all of that and then make a huge randomized text out of them. With the 5 phrases I'm using right now, it takes some 15 minutes to complete, and by complete I mean hitting the Twitter API rate limit.

You can see an example 276.160 word novel generated with this script at

The code is small, simple and full of comments, should anybody want to look at it and play. Everything is WTFPL licensed.