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As part of the EMIT project, we have created several resources to help make IoT development a little easier.

You are welcome to use these resources with EMIT or any other IoT project that you are working on, as well as share them with others.

We hope you find them useful!

FREE MQTT Broker is a load-balanced, multi-node, MQTT broker cluster created to provide a reliable broker for IoT developers. supports both TCP and Websocket connections and is completely free to use for EMIT or any other IoT project you might be working on – check it out at:

EMIT ‘LIVE’ Dashboard

EMIT Live is a fully featured, real-time Environmental Monitoring dashboard for the EMIT project.

We’ve already done the coding and integration to (the projects free public MQTT broker) so that anyone using or developing with EMIT can immediately test and use their hardware without having to write any test or application code.

EMIT LIVE Environmental Monitoring Dashboard

If you’d like to take a look, we’ve set up an EMIT in the office that is streaming Temperature, Humidity and Relay status data every 5 seconds or so. You can check out the EMIT LIVE Dashboard now at:

Super Simple MQTT Monitor

Using a robust MQTT monitoring solution really helps to iron out those IoT communication related bugs; unfortunately we couldn't easily find a low-cost, reliable solution … so we built one!

Our ‘Super Simple MQTT Monitor’ is written in python and uses a background timer thread to monitor the time interval between MQTT messages. If it exceeds a pre-determined period (indicating 1 or more missed messages) it triggers an alarm. We even added Pushover notifications, so you can even get a message on your phone if it goes down.

You can find the Super Simple MQTT Monitor in our GitHub repository at:

MicroPython Document Library

Finally, don't forget about the official MicroPython document library, this is an invaluable reference for anyone developing firmware for the EMIT or any MicroPython project:

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