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Documentation of the Copernica websites
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Here you can explore in detail our products, which include:

  • MailerQ - a high performance Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) designed for delivering large volume email messages at very high speeds
  • Marketing Suite - brand new Copernica Marketing Suite
  • PHP-C++ - a C++ library for developing PHP extensions
  • PHP-JS - to execute JavaScript right from your PHP script and share variables between JavaScript and PHP
  • Responsive Email - an online service to create and send responsive HTML emails.
  • SMTPeter - to connect your app via SMTP or REST API and start sending emails through the cloud instead of your server

With Copernica you can deliver relevant and timely communications using email, sms, landing pages and PDF.

Working with documentation

Each top-level directory in this repository holds documentation for one specific product.

Documentation pages

Documentation pages can be written with HTML or Markdown. Thus, files written with Markdown will have priority over ones written with HTML.

Links and files

All links should be relative ones.

Internal links

Documentations pages can have internal links. Such links are created in HTML like fashion by adding hash part to the link.


[Page on MailerQ](page#segment)

Internal links can reference headers. Identifiers to use inside such links are generated with use of text inside the header. Following steps will be applied to create identifier:

  1. convert every utf-8 characted into ascii character
  2. lowercase all characters
  3. replace all spaces with '-'

Special files

In each directory there should be two files: and Both of those files are little bit special. should contain list of links to documentation topics. List can contain more lists. should contain introduction text for given documentation. Also, it will be a default page for documentation.

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