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Spark - The React Example Application

Picture of Spark

This is the workspace of Spark - a React example application based on React, TypeScript and the Headless Server of CoreMedia Content Cloud. It contains a GraphQL schema stitching server, and a commerce mocking server. The stitching server provides a unified GraphQL interface with an optional waiver of the otherwise necessary commerce connection (GraphQL Mocking Server).

CoreMedia customers can use Spark as a quick start for building prototype applications. Note that we do not recommend the use of these prototype apps in production environments.

This CoreMedia Labs project includes two React applications and two server components:

  • spark - Provides guidance for frontend developers that are building websites and other applications based on the CoreMedia Headless server with code examples and documentation on:

    • Preview Driven Editing
    • Time Travel
    • Placement Highlighting
    • Content Search
    • Fragment Preview and many others
  • standalone-fragment - Demonstrates the ability to load fragments from a CoreMedia Content Cloud and render it on an external website. For example, by injecting resources client side through a tag management solution like the Google Tag Manager.

  • stitching-server - Provides a GraphQL Endpoint for the apps.

  • mocking-server - Provides generic commerce data for the stitching server.

Although we chose React with which to build Spark, the principles can easily be transferred to other component libraries and frameworks such as Vue and Angular.

This project will be updated with enhancements and fixes on a regular basis. Please refer to the changelog for more details.


You need at least Node.js 18 (LTS), pnpm 7 and a running instance of the CoreMedia Content Cloud. Define your environment variables in .env file for the stitching server:



Install and build local environment once:

pnpm install
pnpm build

You can now start the workspace including the spark app in watch mode:

pnpm start

This will start both servers and the app concurrently. If you want to start just one of the apps or servers, navigate to the according folder and run pnpm start.


Read the documentation or on GitHub Pages for more information on development, deployment and the concepts of the app.


Read our contributing guide to learn about how to propose bugfixes and improvements.


This project is licensed under the terms of the CoreMedia Open Source License.

The mocking server that is a fork of the project smoke is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

CoreMedia Labs

Welcome to CoreMedia Labs! This repository is part of a platform for developers who want to have a look under the hood or get some hands-on understanding of the vast and compelling capabilities of CoreMedia. Whatever your experience level with CoreMedia is, we've got something for you.

Each project in our Labs platform is an extra feature to be used with CoreMedia, including extensions, tools and 3rd party integrations. We provide some test data and explanatory videos for non-customers and for insiders there is open-source code and instructions on integrating the feature into your CoreMedia workspace.

The code we provide is meant to be example code, illustrating a set of features that could be used to enhance your CoreMedia experience. We'd love to hear your feedback on use-cases and further developments! If you're having problems with our code, please refer to our issues section. If you already have a solution to an issue, we love to review and integrate your pull requests.