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CristianCucunuba commented Mar 11, 2020


  • Are you running the latest version?
  • Are you able to consistently reproduce the issue?
  • Did you search the issue queue for existing issue?

Issue Description

The description field is missing in the input schema when you are creating a shop. It's defined in the graphql schema but not in the validation schema. So, if you create a shop with description,

ghost commented Aug 31, 2020

NOTE: I'm a novice at Taiko, Javascript, Typescript. I hope I didn't get the details wrong.

Expected behavior

When using Taiko's TypeScript (TS) support according to the details in the 3rd section of this issue, it should be possible to use button().exists() incl. IntelliSense (e.g. intelliJ or vscode) -- just like for textBox().exists().

Actual behavior

When importing the taiko

Qianlitp commented Mar 12, 2020


  • 非常开心大家对于crawlergo的认可,但目前由于本人工作原因,可能无法及时的去挨个实现大家的需求,我会利用空余时间去实现比较有价值的特性和一些比较严重的BUG,更新速度可能是以月为单位,还请各位见谅。
  • 有一些常见问题之前的issue已经提到并解决,大家在提新的issue时,请先看看closed


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