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Template project for developing plugins for Grafana with Webpack
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Webpack Template for Grafana plugins development

Grafana plugin webpack version


  • Uses npm instead of bower
  • Avoid using /external folder with libs’ sources (but you can, if you want)
  • Smaller resulting bundle compared to Grunt build
  • All webpack features available
  • SASS support with separate styles for dark and light Grafana themes
  • Debugging with vscode-chrome-debug

Build plugin

npm install
npm run build


There are template SASS files at src/css/.

Change root tag in SASS files to default Grafana tag (see example below) with ID of your plugin in order to prevent CSS conflicts between plugins.

Root tag example: panel-plugin-grafana-plugin-template-webpack (where grafana-plugin-template-webpack is ID of your plugin).

If you don't need separate styles for for dark and light themes - follow comments in module.js.

If you want to use CSS instead of SASS - just change files extensions at src/css/ and in module.js.

See also

About CorpGlory Inc.

The project developed by CorpGlory Inc., a company which provides high quality software development, data visualization, Grafana and monitoring consulting.

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