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A MEAN app that tracks your food and activites
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A mean app that tracks your food and activities.

This application allows users to signup, enter personal stats and foods/activities each day, and track progress as a user based on target daily calories.

If you are cloning this to work on a local server, just clone and then run npm install to get all the dependencies up and running.

Live version available at:

This is hosted by Heroku in a developer tier so it might take a few seconds for it to spin up and serve the site.


You can either Sign Up or Log In in the top right corner of the page.

If you would like to see a user profile without going through the sign up process, you can use a test account that I have set up.

Email: Password: testingapp

If you create an account, you will be brought to the settings page for your profile. Here you will enter your weight, height, age, and gender to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate.

It will give you a few suggestions on what your daily calorie goal should be.

Once you input your daily goal, you will return to your profile page.

Now you can add foods that you eat throughout your day to track your caloric intake. You can search by name, or by UPC.

You can also add activities that you do. We have a sample of around 40 of the most common activities.

This will subtract from the net total calories for the day.

If you exceed your goal, we will suggest a random activity for the exact duration needed to get you to your goal.

You may add and delete food items and activities at will.


This application is built on the MEAN stack and utilizes Materialize styling framework.

We are using the USDA's API for the list of food items.

Future Features

  • Improve UX with what fields do what and clarify what they are for.
  • Add custom food field in case the API doens't have your food.
  • Add custom activity form so you can track more specific activities.
  • When selecting prior dates, show days that you hit your goal.
  • Graphing your progress and other trends over a period.
  • Create favorite meals.
  • Gamify it where each consecutive day you hit your goal, the more points you get.
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