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Material Dashboard Lite

Welcome to first dark dashboard on the Material Design Lite!

Its much more fun with the demo.

Material admin template is absolutely free for commercial usage theme, that uses google's implementation of material design — Material Design Lite library. It doesn’t rely on any JavaScript frameworks and aims to be responsive and optimized for cross-device usage. All components are created with CSS (scss), JavaScript (es6), and HTML5.

Important: We are still working on the project and there will be much more awesome, check out our issues to see what features are coming soon.


The steps bellow will take you through cloning your own fork, installing dependencies and building:

  1. Fork and/or clone our repository. To use Git from command line, see the Setting up Git and Fork a repo articles.
  git clone
  1. Open your copied repo folder in terminal and install npm components with command:
  cd material-dashboard-lite
  npm install
  1. Install bower components with command:
  bower install
  1. Now you are able to build project with gulp:
  gulp build
  1. To see the result use command:
  gulp serve



Since the project uses BEM structure with sass, it can be customized in easy way by editing src/variables.scss file. To take effect you must run gulp build in terminal again. Also you may want to use gulp watch, that will run default command every time you modify any file in source folder. You can use gulp defaultif you don't want to minify js-files.

Google hasn't implemented select element yet (see why here), that is why the project depends on getmdl-select plugin. Also project uses d3 and nvd3 to build charts and chart components.

Hire us

We are ready to bring value to your business. Visit our site or drop us a line We will be happy to help you!


UI components built with Material Design Lite.

Designed with passion and coffee by CreativeIT

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