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Advanced REST-wrapper for your SQL-queries (actually not only SQL)
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Treat your database as Code

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Advanced REST-wrapper for your own SQL-queries (actually not only SQL).

  1. Write query
  2. Put to sql-boot folder structure
  3. Get data from URI, e.g. prod_db/hr.persons?select=name,address&page=2&orderby=name+desc

Feel the Power of SQL

Simple integration your sql-scripts to you infrastructure

Share expert knowledge

Build Status

Build Status

Build Status


sql-boot uses the OpenAPI standard to generate up-to-date documentation for APIs based your SQL-queries metadata. You can use a tool like Swagger-UI or Swagger-Editor to render interactive documentation (for demo requests) or generate client API against the live API server.

How to pronounce

It is pronounced "sequelboot" -

Try online:

Croc Cloud

Try with Docker and embedded (H2) demo db:

docker run -t -p 8007:8007 mgramin/sql-boot

Build from source:

git clone
cd sql-boot
mvn package
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