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networkimprov commented Mar 20, 2018

Bug Report

The following field (without a validator) cannot be updated via the model. No errors or warnings are logged:

{ "label":"ANR",
  "values": [
      {"name":"a", "value":[1,2]},
      {"name":"b", "value":[2,2]}
   ] }

model.or.anr = [[1,2]]; // fails to check "a"

If you would like a jsfiddle demo, let

mausch commented Apr 2, 2020

The title might seem a bit vague but I don't know how to describe it any better tbh :-)

Anyway this is what happened: I got some 500 responses from the schema registry and all I could see in the logs was :

[2020-04-02 16:03:35,048] INFO - - [02/Apr/2020:16:03:34 +0000] "PUT /config/some-topic-value HTTP/1.1" 500 69  502 (

The logs di

Saeeed-B commented Sep 27, 2020

When errors are returned (If the input information is incorrect) , The name of the corresponding collection is also in the error message . LIKE this :

name is required in CollectionName insert

i want this part (in CollectionName insert ) gone.

error messages belong to software users, and users do not need to see the name of the collection.
And this part should not be returned at all.

slidenerd commented Jan 5, 2021
  • First of all thank you for the fantastic work on this library
  • As per THIS discussion, it seems email seems to have an upper limit of 320
  • But currently min and max properties dont work with email
  • Would it be possible to do something about this
    var s = {email: {type: 'email', min: 3, max:

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