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Roadmap Cubic ERP

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Welcome to Cubic ERP project, we are working hard to obtain a great product !!

Developer's MeetUp 2018

Developers confirmed :

  • DeSoft (Cuba)
  • Cubic ERP (Peru)
  • Yaltik (France)

Dates :

  • from 4th to 8th of June 2018 (Module Integrations)
  • from 11 to 15 of June 2018 (Releasing)

Roadmap: version 2018.0

Our main target reach and overcome the Odoo Enterprise features, according Fabien Pinckaers comment [1] Odoo EE is focused in accounting and has 20% more functionality than Odoo CE. Then our effort will focused on accounting and give back to the community this 20% of extra functionality, all in AGPL licence.

The Developers MeetUp 2018, is an event to make a new version of Cubic ERP. We invite you to join us in this great event to be held in January 2018.

Fork from Odoo v11

  • Fork Odoo 11.0 repository and publish under AGPL licence, according to GNU compatibility matrix [2].
  • Branding
  • Publish alpha version under Cubic ERP repository trunk branch [4]

Features inherited from Odoo 11

  • Python 3 and full featured to new API
  • GUI 3x Faster rewritten from scratch
  • Full features list in Odoo 11 release notes excluding enterprise tag [3]
  • Check Odoo 11 vs Cubic ERP [8]

Application Modules

  1. Accounting
    1. module: account_accountant, to show full accounting functionality hidden in Odoo CE. (Done by CubicERP, available on [4] and [7])
    2. module: account_period, allow accounting fiscal periods. (Nope Sorry)
    3. module: account_report:
      1. Ledger Report (Done by CubicERP, available on [4] and [7])
      2. Partner Ledger
      3. Aged Partner Balance
      4. Trial Balance
      5. Balance Sheet
      6. Profit and Loss
    4. module: account_followup
  2. Subscription (In Progress)
  3. Quality Control (Done by CubicERP)
  4. Project Forecast
  5. Maintenance
  6. Stock Barcode
  7. Helpdesk
  8. Product Lifecycle
  9. Employee Appraisals
    1. module: hr_appraisals, porting from old v8 hr_evaluation [6]
  10. VoIP (In Progress)

Mobile Apps

  1. Mobile time sheet entry tool (Android/IOS App)


  1. Improve look and feel (like to Flectra)
  2. Refresh button in forms (like to CubicERP v9.2)
  3. Translate labels one-by-one by pop up JS dialog window in forms (like to CubicERP v9.2)

Cloud Services

  1. Web Tables



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