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Cpython Pull Requests

What does Cpython Pull Requests do?

Cpython Pull Requests (formerly pulls) is a Flask app to find the PRs opened against a given file in the cpython repository. This is where contributors can find work to do and core developers can look for stale PRs that might be awaiting their review.
Take a test drive at



Generating Personal access token

You need to create a personal access token at of your GitHub account. The token doesn't need to have any particular scope. The default public access works fine.
NOTE: This token will be used via GH_AUTH environment variable.

Local setup

  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Edit .env.sample and save it as .env
  • flask run
    You can also do:
    flask run
  • Wait... ⌛ (~26 Sec)
  • Hurry to!

Heroku setup

  • Go to Heroku dashboard and create a new app.
  • Connect to GitHub or push directly to heroku remote.
  • Go to Settings -> Config Vars and add GH_AUTH as your key, and your access token as value.
  • Now, as soon as you push, you're live!
    (Well not so soon. Deploying will take around ~26 seconds to fetch data for the first time)


Head to CONTRIBUTORS.txt to see the list of all the awesome contributors.



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