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+Submitting Patches
+Patches are always welcome! Please submit your patches via CyanogenMod Gerrit!
+You can do this by using these commands:
+ (From root android directory)
+ . build/
+ (Go to repo you are patching, make your changes and commit)
+ cmgerrit <for(new)/changes(patch set)> <branch/change-id>
+ repo start ics .
+ (Make your changes and commit)
+ repo upload .
+Note: "." meaning current directory
+For more help on using this tool, use this command: repo help upload
+Make your changes and commit with a detailed message, starting with what you are working with (i.e. vision: Update Kernel)
+Commit your patches in a single commit. Squash multiple commit using this command: git rebase -i HEAD~<# of commits>
+To view the status of your and others' patches, visit [CyanogenMod Code Review](
+Getting Started
+To get started with Android/CyanogenMod, you'll need to get
+familiar with [Git and Repo](
+To initialize your local repository using the CyanogenMod trees, use a command like this:
+ repo init -u git:// -b ics
+Then to sync up:
+ repo sync
+Please see the [CyanogenMod Wiki]( for building instructions.
+For more information on this Github Organization and how it is structured,
+please [read the wiki article](
+All supported devices are built nightly and periodically as changes are committed to ensure the source trees remain buildable.
+You can view the current build statuses at [](

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could you create a ics branch on android_external_bootmenu


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